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"Be A MAN" Has New Meaning...

May 16, 20234 min read

Recently I did a Facebook Livestream, by this same title. 

This video received such a positive response, that I thought it deserved another post dedicated to it. 

The days of a man being strong, confident, and not showing your emotions are almost gone. I say almost because there are still a lot of men out there who think that’s the way to be. They think it’s still “cool” to be “Macho”. I can’t believe I just wrote that word - Macho, I feel like I’m back in the eighties with the Village People. If you don’t know that reference Google it!

To those men who think the old way. I’m here to tell you the days of being a lone wolf and taking everything on your shoulders are gone. The days of “shouldering the load” and keeping it all in so you’re “A MAN” are gone.

Thanks to people like Brene Brown being vulnerable has come out of the closet. Now I’m using another “old term”. But seriously, it’s ok to show your vulnerable side. It’s ok to let people see your true self. It’s not only ok but it’s actually preferred. 

The old thinking was, that showing your vulnerability was weak, and being honest was weak. 

Thank God that’s not today’s thinking. I was always one of those men that showed my softer side. As a boy, I was teased and bullied for it. It affected me for a long time. 

Back then I was called a sensitive kid, I took everything personally, that’s a story for another time. Let me just say I’ve grown since then, I don’t take things personally anymore, yet I am still someone who shows my vulnerability. Especially now that it’s “In Vogue”.

Men, believe it or not; Women like men who show all sides of their personality. They like to have a man communicate with them. Instead of saying things like “I didn't tell you because I was trying to protect you”. That doesn’t fly anymore. Women don’t want to be “protected”. Real women want to be included and considered a partner. 

Let me be clear, being vulnerable doesn’t mean complaining, blaming, or dumping your problems on everyone else.

Being vulnerable means showing your true self, communicating, sharing, admitting you need help, and understanding it doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary, it makes you stronger. IF you embrace it and utilize it in the right way. That’s a big IF, finding that thin line is part of the learning curve. 

"Be A MAN" Has New Meaning

So how do you learn what to do? Well, there are a few things you can do:

You can start by going to the people you trust most and telling them you want to communicate better with them. Tell them you want to show them your true self. If they’re people worth having in your life they’ll embrace your desire and probably want to help you!

A great alternative, especially if you’re uncomfortable going to someone you’re close to, is to find a professional. You can hire a coach who works around emotional intelligence. Someone like me ;). There are great reasons to go to a coach. 

Especially someone who specializes in shifting your mindset from self-consciousness to self-awareness. Here’s a few of reasons: 

  1. Most coaches who specialize in this area have been there themselves. So not only can they empathize with you, they GET you! 

  2. Good coaches have no agenda. They are in a no-judgment zone. Your best interest is their best interest. 

  3. If you work with a GOOD coach they’ll push you out of your “comfort zone”.

  4. You might think a coach is like a therapist. While therapists are important, coaches are different from therapists. There’s a saying in the coaching world that might help you understand the difference. Therapy takes you from dysfunctional to functional. Coaching takes you from functional to optimal. So if you think you’re functioning well, and you probably are, but you believe you have greater potential, go for coaching. Especially in this area of becoming your true self. When you shift your mindset from the old you to the new you, you’ll see the blocks, hurdles and old thinking that’s been holding you back from living your true L.I.F.E.!

Let’s all get into the 21st Century and start acting towards everyone the way we want to be treated.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive, set up a free breakthrough session with me!

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